Automotive Industry

Sample references – placed by these executives

Quality Management Director international vehicle manufacturer

Head of Preliminary Development German Tier-1 supplier of engines and drive trains

Quality Control Team Leader German Tier-1 supplier of engines and drive trains

Cost Analysis Manager German Tier-1 supplier of seat structures

Senior Vice President HR German Tier-1 automotive adjustment systems

Team Leader Whole-Vehicle Fault Analysis manufacturer of commercial vehicles

Head of Systems & Audit manufacturer of commercial vehicles

Vehicle Safety Project Manager international vehicle manufacturer

Engineering Director German Tier-1 automotive interior systems

Warranty Manager German Tier-1 automotive chassis and brake systems.

After Sales Manager German Tier-1 automotive chassis and brake systems


Automotive Industry

In our “Automotive” field of expertise we have pooled all our experience and our knowledge of management, technology, processes and major players in order to offer our clients real value added.

Norecu specialises in the fields of

  • Manufacturers
  • Suppliers (Tier 1 and Tier 2)
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Engineering and service companies
  • Consultancies (Technology & Strategy)

A market in transition

The automotive industry is faced with the permanent challenge of reacting adequately to major market change. The supply chain has to adapt to increasing demands, for example as a result of continuing internationalisation and the relocation of production operations to best-cost countries.

The expansion of markets in India, Russia and China is also putting renowned suppliers to the test. With no knowledge of regional networks and practices within joint venture companies on the part of manufacturers, entering the market often proves to be somewhat problematic. We know the major players.

A constant pressure to cut costs and innovate, driven by competition and environmental policy guidelines such as emissions regulations and the rapidly increasing significance of renewable energies for vehicles, requires entirely new know-how.

In a market that is changing more and more quickly, this results in the highest possible expectations when it comes to quality, reliability and cost. And this has meant that individual specialist areas have become hugely more important. Above all, they are:


In addition to knowledge of the sector and social integrity, the importance of the ability to master increasingly complex situations is growing exponentially.

Buying & Logistics

From procurement to integrated supply chain management and considering total costs.


From the technology provider to the driver of innovation and entire business models.

Electronics and software development

CMMI & Spice are on everybody’s lips. Whether you’re talking electric motor, wheel-hub drive, high-voltage technology or a connected car. The industry is undergoing fundamental changes.

Quality management

From inspecting and touching up to interdisciplinary process quality right from the developmental stages. From product management to fully comprehensive product life-cycle management.

HR challenges

In SMEs, CFOs are now changing for good, moving away from their traditional role as a company’s financial conscience and becoming a sparring partner at the upper echelons of management.

The Human Resources Department is developing into an international partner for management culture, competencies, succession planning and costs.

We don’t just fill managerial vacancies. We also fill technical and commercial positions with and without managerial responsibility.