Professional Services

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Associate Consultant

Senior Consultant

Project Manager

Professional Services

Management consultancies are an integral part of our business world. Their core task is the particularly demanding challenge of providing their clients with expert resources that are not always immediately available. In order to be able to offer top services, management consultancies rely on a permanent supply of highly qualified, experienced people; and it is precisely these experts, for these complex tasks, whom we find.

In our “Professional Services” field of expertise we focus on the needs of our clients from the tertiary sector:

  • Top management and strategic consultants
  • IT consultancies (with and without specialisation)
  • Outsourcing providers
  • Engineering consultancies
  • Industry, methods and process consultancies
  • Audit and certification companies

As experiences and specialised consultants, on the one hand we also have a sound knowledge of current developments in individual markets.

On the other, we know the high performers with many years of practical experience in consulting, industry and business – the very ones who are so highly sought after.

We place candidates in experienced hire, consulting and non-consulting areas. Both from within companies, where we thoroughly examine and assess a potential change to a new corporate culture, and from consultancy to consultancy.

We focus on the following groups:

  • Automotive industry
  • Machinery and high tech
  • Energy and utilities
  • Traffic engineering
  • IT-TC
  • Logistics/Trade

The functions we cover include:

  • Corporate development
  • Engineering and operations
  • Supply chain and procurement
  • Human resources
  • Sales and business development
  • Restructuring and management
  • Information technology

Here we serve every level, from associate consultants and senior consultants, project managers and principals to partners. For non-consulting, we specialise in placing specialists in senior analyst and knowledgement roles at all levels.