Transport & Infrastructure


Division Manager Contract Management Project Company RU

Team Manager Tunnel Construction Project Company RU

Operations Manager LRT Construction & Operation Regulations

Operations Manager Vehicles LRT

Manager Quality Control RU

Operations Manager Quality & Processes Airport

Team Manager Customer Experience RU

Board Member Operations & Technology LRT

Program Manager Lean Manufacturing RU

Sales Manager Manufacturer of Railway Technology

Transport & Infrastructure

Infrastructure and mobility are the foundations for growth, wealth and employment. In times of ongoing globalization, transport and infrastructure belong to the most dynamic economic areas in Europe. By 2030 over 1,000 infrastructure projects with a volume of 270 million Euros are to be launched in Germany alone. But new forms of competition, the generation change, digital transformation, increasing cost pressure and last but not least the lack of specialists are posing considerable challenges for the industry.

We at Norecu know the mechanisms very well that are at work on this market. Among our clients are railway undertakings (RU), railway infrastructure undertakings (RIU), local rail transport companies (LRT), airports, airlines, ports and public utility companies. In all of the key pillars – infrastructure, vehicles and operations – we are specialized in the placement of level 1 to 3 management positions.

Process reliability, a high level of integrity with respect to the people we have the honour to work with and extensive as well as stable networks define us. We go above and beyond the boundaries of the executive search. Within the segments we focus upon, we also provide professional support in the areas of outplacement and HR process consulting.

“Client satisfaction is based on the keeping of a promise – this quality standard is met by us with an experienced and motivated team and its continual further development.”

Marlind Klopfer is managing partner and manager of the Transport and Infrastructure area of competence. For 15 years she has been supporting level 1-3 managers in their professional re-orientation. The group of clients ranges from heavy rail systems to local transport right through to airports and port companies.