Step 1


Taking the plunge

Ideal preparation is the key to success. With our joint analysis of needs we are ready to take big jumps.

Our work is based on defining a detailed requirement profile. In addition to the necessary qualifications and experience, it is the connection between company-specific, cultural features and the candidate’s essential soft skills which makes our work such an exciting challenge. Our clients see us as expert interviewers, attentive listeners as well as critical questioners who reflect the market and know exactly how to put what is said on paper – in a transparent manner and for all parties. The “specifications”, i.e. all of the documentation detailing the content of the briefing, are sent to our client on the following working day.


Absolutely focused on the goal. With our in-house Identification & Research team.

The core of our work involves identifying and approaching candidates. Matched with the client’s needs, the carefully compiled list of target companies provides us with orientation for this task; when it comes to identifying candidates, our extensive network is an indispensable tool. For us, having the project managers and consultants from a particular project directly speak to candidates is of paramount importance and the key to success. Our clients value our professionalism, meticulousness and transparency, particularly during these early phases of the project.

Diving in

Diving into our element: We carry out personal interviews with each candidate.

Our work culminates in the candidates’ assessment. Here we rely on a two-stage process: A telephone interview focusing on previous experience and framework conditions is complemented by an interview in person aimed at assessing a candidate’s specialist competence, personality, potential and values. We also employ other methods to gauge suitability and check references. Our clients trust our assessments. Candidates are presented using a detailed, confidential report.


Norecu stands for: Uncovering hidden potential. We find executives where others wouldn’t think to look.

Our in-process project management guarantees the success of our work. Fortnightly status reports and regularly changing, weekly fixed meetings in person and by telephone with HR managers and individual departments are common practice for us. Our clients recognise the partner in us. Close exchange and constant communication lead us to our goal together.


A high placement rate and transparent reporting – that’s what makes a modern executive search firm.

We complete our work by offering follow-ups and onboarding. Here we support our candidates and clients when negotiating contracts, and also long after this as they continue to work together. Both candidates and clients remember us as a trustworthy and reliable partner.