Outplacement – Norecu is your professional partner, focusing on individual outplacements.

At turning points in their careers, executives require partners who talk to them as their equal, provide them with ideas and spur them on. For us, every single outplacement is a challenging project involving every aspect of an individual’s further development and their reintegration into top positions at exciting companies. We use a defined process to develop strategies that will find the best-possible fit between a person and a company.

  • Market and competence analysis
  • Career planning
  • Evaluation of market opportunities on a local, regional and international level
  • Compiling optimum application documents and an application strategy
  • Interview coaching
  • Intensive supervision with fixed regular meetings

In our core sectors of the automotive industry, IT/telecommunications, industry & technology, railway engineering and professional services, we are aware of vacant positions that are not advertised. We offer you direct access to these unfilled executive positions as well as an analytical salary and competition benchmark with your direct “competitors” on the market.

Upon request, we would be happy to provide all our framework data as well as our presentation on the subject of “Company-Driven Group Outplacement”.