Jürgen Vignold


Curriculum Vitae

Jürgen Vignold is the manager responsible for the Consumer Goods – Luxury & Premium area of competence at Norecu Executive Search GmbH. He has at his disposal more than 25 years of experience in the luxury segment and in his last positions as the Managing Director of houses such as Hermès and Ferragamo operated throughout Europe. Today he is specialized in the placement of level 1 to 3 management positions as well as sales and marketing functions.


Industry Focus

Luxury goods provide a very special measure of individuality – expressed in material, quality and workmanship. The consumers in this segment not only expect high-quality products, but also excellent service for their purchases and shopping experience. In order to be able to present themselves as a good host, the manufacturers are moving more and more towards offering their products in self-operated stores …


Telefon 0049 89 1219310 50 E-mail j.vignold@norecu.de