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Banking & Financial Services

The banking system has always held a key position in ensuring the supply of liquidity to the economy. Customers expect their financial institution to be trustworthy and they expect experts to structure and analyze their financial affairs.

Digitalization, social changes, and changing market expectations and demands are constantly creating new interaction. Competition is fierce, influencing pricing, service quality and innovative performance of the various financial institutions. We keep an eye on developments in this sector - for example, we are familiar with the financial market as well as innovative financial technologies and the structures that are constantly changing here.

The optimal filling of vacancies is essential for each company to survive in the market and to create a significant contribution through innovation. In order to support HR decision-makers in this time of change, it is important to keep a constant eye on the issues in the prevailing organizational speed and to have a detailed knowledge of the financial institutions to be advised and their culture.

We stand for reliability and commitment in the process, a high level of market expertise in this segment and an extensive and sustainable network. Our clients include banks, stock exchanges, financial service providers, fintechs as well as insuretechs and insurance companies. Here, we specialize in filling management positions at levels 1 to 3.

"Executive search and holistic personnel consulting significantly mean an intensive view of the human being."

Elke Müller is a manager in Düsseldorf and responsible for the Banking and Financial Services division. Her focus is on filling management positions and key expert roles at banks and financial service providers, as well as supporting executives in sustainable personnel development.