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Competitive sports industry

Today sports clubs, especially in the field of competitive sports, can only survive if they see themselves as business enterprises, position themselves as such and act accordingly. The degree of this professionalization varies in the different team sports. Football clubs in the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga are best positioned here thanks to high TV revenue, followed by sports that are very North American, such as basketball and ice hockey. Handball still has some catching up to do here.

Ultimately, it is also the acting people who can achieve the greatest possible success with their economic competence. These are not just players and coaches, but especially the management, financial experts and sales and marketing experts. With its special sports expertise, Norecu supports competitive companies in filling their strategically most important positions except for classic player placement.

"The economic area of competitive sports in a club is closely linked to its sporting area. With my know-how from 8 years in managerial positions in top-class sports, I help companies to find managers who, in addition to their experience, have an optimal balance between sports and business affinity."


Peter Schönberger is a consultant for the healthcare and competitive sports sectors at Norecu`s Düsseldorf location. During the last 25 years, the lawyer has held leading positions in top-class sports and eHealth companies and was responsible among others for the global HR division.  His focus is on the staffing of executives and experts, in particular with IT and digitalization background. As a certified coach, he uses the LUXXprofile analysis method to support the process.