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Investment Companies & Private Equity

Germany still has the strongest economy in Europe. It is based on modern technologies and an ongoing digital transformation that affects almost all industries. The strong SME sector forms an unparalleled advantage in global competition and is also the focus of investment companies for this reason. This year alone, 30% of business owners in Germany will be over 60 years old. 600,000 small and medium-sized enterprises already have to make their succession arrangements by the end of 2026. In order to ensure the sustainable success and continued existence of these companies - and not only of impressive life's work - innovative and capable personalities are needed who can write the future with vision and entrepreneurial spirit.

For years Norecu Executive Search GmbH has been operating on this market and consequently knows its challenges very well as well as the expectations of the clients. As an interface between companies in the IT and technology sectors and investment companies, we are not only specialized in the placement of management positions in levels 1 to 3, but also in organizational consulting within the framework of succession management.

We have a long-term relationship to our clients that is based on partnership. Thanks to our extensive networks and our strategic know-how, we go above and beyond just the executive search and provide competent process and organizational consulting for portfolio companies and management succession regulation. Irrespective of whether it is a medium-sized company, a group company or private equity – the basis for every assignment is always cooperation with trust and transparency.

"Reliability and discretion are of highest priority, as providing consulting services to entrepreneurs and owning families is a matter of trust. The main focus of my work is the placement of mission-critical positions as well as the organisation of ownership changes already within the acquisition phase."

Claudia Jorde is a partner of Norecu Executive Search GmbH and manages the Düsseldorf branch. More than ten years of experience in human resources consulting combined with the building up of new branches and company units in leading international companies form the basis of her work. As manager for mandates in the field of Investment Companies and Private Equity, her focus is on placing managing directors and their direct reports as well as succession regulation with an investment option.