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IT & Digital Life

Increasing digitalization has been changing our society for years. Especially in the leisure sector the digital use of information is part of everyday life – and no longer only for the younger generation. This development, however, still has enormous potential for change in other areas of life. Also the business and working world, politics and administration, mobility, infrastructure and our home environment will change a lot medium-term due to extremely quick networks, cloud infrastructure, IoT, artificial intelligence and M2M.

We have been closely monitoring the change of digital life in Germany for a long time. Among our clients – who we support on their way into the new era – are companies from the areas of mobility, administration and healthcare. We are specialized in the placement of level 1 to 3 managers and have placed our focus on innovation/design and transformation.

For years we have been focusing on topics such as (partially) autonomous and automated driving, platforms for intelligent mobility, big data, transportation apps, cloud-based solutions, passenger information, entertainment and service offerings, modern payment systems as well as e-Government solutions. For this reason, we are aware of the manifold technological, organizational and budget-related challenges to public and private companies and the requirements this places on those who sustainably design and drive this transformation. We know the company visions of our clients and are able to actively support these by placing fitting people and personalities.

„Every client needs to be sure at all times of receiving an exclusive service for solving individual problems.“

Ralica Yancheva is a partner of Norecu Executive Search GmbH. She has been supporting and advising emerging start-ups, renowned medium-sized companies and company groups from the mobility, finance, retail and health industries for more than eleven years. As systemic coach and manager of IT & Digital Life, she is focused on the placement of level 1 to 3 positions in the areas of innovation, design and IT transformation.

Katja Hoppe is a partner of Norecu Executive Search GmbH and responsible for mandates related to IT & Digital Life. For more than ten years she has been specialized in the placement of IT management positions for medium-sized companies and international company groups. The certified psychologist also manages the portfolio segment Executive Assessment at Norecu


Claudia Jorde is a partner of Norecu Executive Search GmbH and manages the Düsseldorf branch. There, as the manager of the Investment Companies and Private Equity field, she also advises renowned clients in the IT & Digital Life area.