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Agile sense and nonsense

12 October 2018

NorecuReport 10/2018

What is agility? Why is it such a hot topic? What does agile work mean for organisations, their managers and our way of thinking?

This and other topical issues are addressed in our latest edition of the NorecuReport by Ralica Yancheva, partner at Norecu Executive Search GmbH. In an interview with Andreas Slogar, director at Oliver Wyman GmbH and author of the book “The Agile Organisation”, she analyses the shift towards more agility. Ralica Yancheva and the leading agility expert Andreas Slogar examine the prerequisites and talk about the commitment of both management and employees.

Ralica Yancheva has been supporting and advising emerging start-ups, renowned medium-sized companies and company groups from the mobility, finance, retail and health industries for more than eleven years. As systemic coach and manager of IT & Digital Life, she is focused on the placement of level 1 to 3 positions in the areas of innovation, design and IT transformation.

Within the framework of this study, Ralica Yancheva intensively deals with the topic “Agility in companies” – a development she’s been monitoring for several years now. She provides important considerations for companies and points out the impact of “Agile” on the selection and placement process of management positions. Our new NorecuReport “Agile sense and nonsense” is available free of charge. Please contact us by mail at insight@norecu.de. We are looking forward to your message!